Relavance Software Holding S.A. Designs, develops, and implements augmented information management systems. AIMS©™ guarantees a cost and time saving experience to all customers by delivering a game changing product that revolutionizes database and warehouse solutions. This is needed by all markets and governments; urgent to health care, environment , resource and eco industry management .

This Associative Augmented Intelligence is powered by a

patented Associative Information Management System | AIMS©™

Using one centralized view of the organization you can now make decisions based on "LIVE information" to achieve significant, immediate, and tangible ROI. What often took years to accomplish, now is solved in only days, weeks, or months.

Relavance AIMS opens a new world of possibilities in "Big or Complex Data", thanks to the Associative Augmented Solution that can rapidly be deployed and available in days and weeks rather than months and years. The available technology can address challenges faced within the business, academic, medical and research communities at a lower cost with less risk. Relavance AIMS is distributed by Relavance International (Europe) and Cloud Nine AI | Augmented Intelligence (USA)

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