Associative Information Management System Expert Associates

AIMS™© Associates
Relavance is proud to count on dedicated and highly qualified Associative Intelligence™© expert Associates. Our experts have extensive industry experience and a deep knowledge of how to apply Associative solutions in highly complex data environments to help you get the most value out of your data. AIMS Associates are the perfect trusted partners to assist you in the consulting and implementation of the next generation of your data management initiatives.

Innovatiers focusses primarily on software and business developing smart innovative solutions With over 20 years of experience in BI and datawarehousing. Innovatiers has experience with Associative datawarehouses, building GUI, BI solutions and Bigdata technology around Associative datawarehouses. Together, we will be able to analyse, model and implement customized associative BI solutions... in weeks Innovatiers delivers dedicated connectors / feeders to ensure that your current applications put their data in the new associative Paradigm. Implementation of over 200 different datasources to the Associative warehouse is just clicks away. While we focus on technology, you can focus on the content.



Cloud Nine AI is the first company to become an AIMS Associate. They have many years of experience working directly with the Associative Intelligence system and use a highly skilled and trained programmer network. They have developed numerous applications and a fully supported agile methodology to design and implement your projects in an Associative environment. They will ensure that all steps are mitigated and fully documented so when your system will be up and running, you will have full autonomy. Their involvement is a guarantee for your successful implementation of AIMS. 

LimeIT main activity is to deliver high quality on-site IT services to companies originally based on Terre Bonne Business Park in Eysins. Our experienced team of IT professionals analyze your requests immediately and assign LimeIT engineer to deliver on time the requested on-site service. LimeIT is also capable of sofware design and development and is assuring on site development and deployement. LimeIT is part of Relavance Software Group.


  This list is growing, embark with us to the future