Data Consolidation

Got Data?

Sure, you have lots of data but what good is data if you cannot get the information you need.  And what new information could you unlock if you could actually consolidate numerous disparate databases into one?

The Relavance associative model allows you to consolidate data literally on the fly.  We can import data models from any source, map the various concepts to the model, and import the data at will.  The set up can be either manual or fully automatic.

How is this possible?  Remember Relavance stores and retrieves information much like the human brain.  Our brain stores each atom of information networked to its associated concepts.  Your brain does not need to recall by writing a query, it instantly pulls up the associated information.

Get The Information You Want … When You Want It!

With Relavance, once the data is consolidated, it is ready to be interrogated without needing to write a single line of code.  Simply ask for what you want, and you immediately have the answer. Plus, the information you want can be exported and used in other programs across the enterprise.

As new data comes in, the entire system updates automatically. This means the latest information is always available to you in real time. Numerous reports may be set up as well as done ad hoc by combining whatever data sources you want into a new model.  This is the ultimate in agile computing!

We are also able to clean data efficiently. If there is an error, you can just right click and rename it. Every associated datum will also be changed all at once, whether one or one million.