Frequently Asked Questions
No, it can run on top of and in parallel with your existing databases as long as you wish. At some point you may determine the redundancy is not necessary and start to eliminate extraneous databases.
Windows.net 3.5 and up, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 and up Minimum req. Dual processors (not dual cores), 8 Gig RAM, and whatever storage required.
It is a simple 5 minute download.
It is only 23 Megabytes installed.
Relatively easy for a computer savvy individual. The instruction manual is only 24 pages, with only 6 API's. A maximum of two weeks training should suffice.
Cost depends on the project, number of instances installed, etc.
Relavance is data type agnostic, and as such can accept input from any type of data.
Because Relavance is a Single Instance Storage system (no duplication) –the larger your data size, typically the greater the reduction in storage requirement.
All existing databases today are constrained by a structure and management of that structure and physical limitations; Relavance exists in the nth Normal form and has essentially unlimited capacity as it has abstracted the logical from the physical. Our DB is collections of 4byte arrays, and each new association is a 32bit integer. Addressing is done through indexing. We manipulate the address to the data. In our system, the Environment is the "Database", the model is the "Table", The Concept is the "Field", and the Item is a "piece of data". No matter what size, any piece of data is just 4 reads away.
All the information in the system is associated automatically. When you ask a question of the system- it returns what you requested immediately. Rather than search through lists of items, it eliminates everything but what you asked for. This explains our motto: We do not search for data, we retrieve information. When you ask you are always getting the most updated information (you are not running reports so to speak- the report is already there).
The advantages are legion. This is the only network aware database on the planet, and is capable of real time replication to over several systems. The chart below conservatively describes some of the benefits: • Summarizing our technology is a complex task as we are discussing a PARDIGM shift in the way data is both Stored and Retrieved. • A few Key points • CASE SENSITIVE(if required) • LITTLE or NO SUPPORT STAFF • OBJECT ORIENTED DESIGN • NO QUERIES to WRITE - 80% reduction in DEVELOPMENT TIME. • NO TABLES - 50-75% reduction Development costs • NO INDEXES - only 6 INSTRUCTIONS in the API • NO VIEWS - one line of code access to your data • NO WHITESPACE - Associate Anything to Anything • NO DUPLICATES - DOD verified Security Model • 1 to 100+ concurrent SOURCES of disparate DATA (ORACLE, MSSQL, MSSQL, ACCESS, DB2,EXCEL, Flat FILES (csv) )
Once you have built the base system, being atomic it is good forever. You can add or delete at will- without changing the core of the database or having to recode or upgrade.
In addition to having been deployed and tested by the U.S. NAVY as unbreakable, the system uses mathematical encryption (not certificate). Data security is based on 128-bit, 48,000 factorial multi-key indexing. It is unbreakable. Additional security enhancement for sign-on and password possible via Authenware.