Case study for Electronic Patient Record system with IBM

1. The basic project, called 'arc en ciel', in the year 2000 was for IBM to implement an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system that could be shared by all hospitals and clinics in Quebec.

Our 'assigned' part, as technology partner with IBM, was to manage non-text based data, X-rays, scans, etc... along with providing a tele-health service, enabling remote communities to have the benefits of highly qualified medical personnel able to review remotely taken images to assess the status and best treatment for the remote patients.

2. The company now Relavance and Medical Computer Inc. made a Joint Venture to solve the situation together with IBM where:

a. MedComp could transmit and store any picture and x-rays by remote control, under the specialists control, on one of the first Telemedicine products in the market – Atlas TeleMed.

b. Relavance solved the privacy issue by enabling token references to each individual private patient record to be passed to IBM's central system, so the central system would know that the data regarding a particular patient resided at, say, hospitals X, Y, and Z, it thus could consequentially be shared when access was granted.

3. The main experience for Relavance was that we could ensure that clinical data was segregated from patient identifiable information and that the clinical data could be readily available in a compliant way for secondary use such as research and statistical purposes for Medical, Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.