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Meet Our associative intelligence experts
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Ron Everett

Chief Scientist / Our spirit

1952 - 2019

Ron was the inventor of:

Associative Information Management System™
Associative Intelligence Technology™©
Associative Memory Management Technology™
Associative Ledger Distribution System™©
Compliance Associative Management System™©
Associative P2P Information Distribution™©
Associative Scalable Blockchain™©

Ron began independent technology Research activities in 1976 until 1981. After that he worked as designer and project Leader for GigaMos/Silicart Inc. and at Integrated Inference Machines and NASA where he was a Lead Designer and a consultant for several projects. In 1992 he began working for various NGO’s , Funding Groups and Technology Developers doing technological due diligence and development. Then he kept working for many companies mostly as a consultant and Chief designer for projects. He has worked for companies including Syntronics, Levitronics, Thought Tech and Global Oceanics. Ron is the inventor of the AIMS™© engine and the Associative Intelligence Technology™© associates to it.


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Gilles Favey

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder / MoB
Relavance Holding

Gilles is co-founder of Relavance Software S.A Switzerland and serves as CEO. Prior to co-Found Relavance Software SA, he worked as Senior developer and Project Manager at Swissquote / Marvel. Gilles has over 15 year of IT experience, including a broad range of leadership roles at Dun and Bradstreet, MMD / Namics, and UNO Organization. He has a high level of expertise in project & implementation management, infrastructure, database and knowledge management tools development. Gilles graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne in 1993 and from Swiss Media in 2001. Gilles does have very deep understanding on how to indentify your AIMS™© implementation needs and how to associates differents disperates systems.

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Philippe Therien

Chief Aims Architect and technical advisor to the board

Philippe joined Relavance team in 1996. He Co-created, designed and developed the core engine of a new associative data base technology. Initially used for an application called “Thought”, an information manager, it evolved to become “IAMCore” (Intelligent Associative Memory Context-Oriented Relationship Engine) an associative data store supporting real time queries. As director of the R&D department with his team, in a continued attempt at improving the core engines efficiency and circumventing the limits of the Operating System, we created and developed our own in-house raw disk access, circular memory algorithms, data key compressions, data encryptions, and a hardware dongle license protection. We also developed debug tools, data integrity tools and speed vs. memory analysis tools. Philippe graduated from McGill University Montreal in 1989.

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Nicolas Jorand

CTO and advisor to the board
Relavance Holding | RelavanceLab

Nicolas is an ETS engineer with international experience of more than twenty years in the field of architecture, design and development of distributed software for the banking industry and others. Ability to lead a project on its own or in a team, from business requirement to technical implementation. early adopter of reactive manifesto (www.reactivemanifesto.org) and promoter of such architecture.

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Valentin Petrov

Senior Associative Intelligence Solution Architect

Valentin worked mainly as a Programmer Analyst and consultant for multiple companies in Montreal area. He has over 25 years of experience in IT. His domains of expertise are Enterprise Management Information Systems, Databases, Embedded software, and Back-end development. Valentin joined Relavance in 2011. He worked in application development using the Associative technology with web services, desktop applications, and created drivers to various SQL databases. He got his PhD from Moscow State University in 1994. In 2014 he became technical manager and Senior Solution Architect. Valentin has more than ten years of experience in complex software design and development with ISVs, mainly for the banking industry, in Europe and the United States. Valentin is now in charge to lead implementation team to insure the customer full experience satisfaction in using Relavance Associative Intelligence Technology.

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Sahra Merrill Kott

Transfer of Technology and Business Development Executive Consultant
Relavance Holding

* Woman Founder " Triage / Risk Management; Health & Sustainable Industries "

Canadian Registered Nurse, Educator & Virtual Industrial Business Executive Consultant to the health sciences and technology, real estate, residential, commercial, agricultural, transportation, and development industries market. Extensive experience in the direction, and management of community outreach, business development & educational outreach in rural, urban, and domestic/international health, pharmaceutical, and business networking. Directly responsible for company evaluation, program planning, human resource hiring, training /management, budget planning, education planning, and sales & marketing as a consultant executive. Education and Development and Educational Programming for Medical/Pharmaceutical Professionals and Business Professionals in North America, Asia & The European Union. Partner in Agro4pro, a greenhouse design, manufacture, and distribution company The partner company in Canada is :
Cloudnineai Canada 11229516 Canada www.cloudnineaicanada.com
Corporate Offices at 519-312 Rue de Gaspe Verdun , QC H3E 1E9 Canada and also in Etobicoke ,Ontario Canada.

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Michael Brown

USA CEO and advisor to the board
Cloud Nine AI | Augmented Intelligence

Michael Brown is the Co Founder / CEO of CloudNineAI. Michael is in charge of the American region and is acting as CEO of CloudNineAi Ltd, the american distribution arm of Relavance Software Holding S.A. As the founder serving as CEO, Michael has developed, implemented and operates our Augmented Intelligence Enterprise Systems positioning the organization to leverage the transformative opportunities that AI presents. In his role, Michael is responsible for the processes, tools and controls necessary to meet the complex information handling requirements, enabling use while ensuring protection. Michael has strong experience and insights into how to enable the use of information while complying with regulatory obligations and protecting digital information. Michael has over 25 years of experience assisting company innovations with business-enabling technologies while managing related risk. His experience helps him focus on the management of information, technology, protection, and privacy risk/control frameworks, to ensure they are aligned with business strategies, processes, policies, and compliance requirements, and to make information privacy and confidentiality part of the organization’s culture. Michael is a dedicated philanthropist supporting a number of charities that focus on children, serving the last billion along with social and economic equality. AI should Predict, Prevent & Cure Diseases. #aiforthelastbillion


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Reinold Binkhuijsen

Europe CEO and advisor to the board
Relavance International

Reinold is Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Innovatiers.com, with global responsibility for Strategy, Communications, Marketing and Innovation. Reinold is in charge of the european region and is acting as CEO of Relavance International, the european distribution arm of Relavance Software Holding S.A.



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Etienne Phelippon

Senior Associative Solution Developper

Etienne has over 25 years of experience in IT. He has a high level of expertise in IT development and project management. In Switzerland, at Swissquote and Virtua he led to success many project in several domain such as bank, insurance, industry, e-commerce... especialy for technical & complex projects requiring high power in terms of databases . He integrated Relavance team in 2007 to use a new powerful way to manage data : AIMS™© He has been involved in the first evolution of Relavance API (Web service, PHP), develop application and several proof of concept and designed Relavance IT administration and security. He has also taught several API courses training for the Customer. Etienne is now in involve to develop the second evolution of the API. On same time he founded an IT company : LimeIT Sarl and manage several project in synergy with Relavance.